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Are you looking for entry to Finnish pharmaceutical market or considering expansion of your business to retail or hospital channel? Or are you aiming to broaden yours offering with generic, biosimilar or consumer healthcare products?

Every single country is different and have its own specialties and exceptions. So have Finland too. Making right strategic decision requires in-depth understanding of the business environment, local legislation, competitive landscape and, most importantly, customers.

We can provide you everything from holistic overview to most detailed analysis and future insight for example related to Finnish healthcare system, structure and regulation of the pharmaceutical market, market dynamics, competitor analysis, price and reimbursement system, regulation (Gx, OTC, biosimilars and valued added products).

At the end of the day, it is a customer who buys your products. Therefore it’s critical that you provide right offering at the right price and time through the most effective channel. We help you to develop a suitable Portfolio Strategy and a pragmatic Go-to-Market plan based on deep understanding of your target customers. We combine deep expertise in sales, marketing, portfolio management, pricing and product management essential to make sure you achieve and sustain great results.

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