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In-licensed and acquired products play a significant to major role in revenue stream of all kind of pharmaceutical companies. Intention to gain competitive edge, meet customers’ needs, strengthen pipeline, accelerate sales and growth, balance financial risks, reduce level of investments, among other things are drivers for companies to in-license or acquire their assets.

How do you find the right licensing partners for your company? How do you secure the best deal? How do you establish and maintain long-term relationships?

We support companies across the Europe in their asset scouting activities and guide them through the entire process from targeting to post-deal activities. We have proven track record of seeking hidden opportunities, negotiating commercial agreements and building successful partnerships which are valued both sides.

What we can do for you:

  • Scout and identify licensing opportunities
  • Identify companies and assets not appearing in industry databases
  • Contacting companies to ascertain their interest in a partnership
  • Facilitate discussions with potential business partners
  • Design suitable transaction structure
  • Assist with due diligence procedure
  • Negotiate and complete agreements
  • Provide post-closing assistance

Are you looking to partner or out-license your assets?

We supports many biotech and pharmaceutical companies in their asset scouting efforts. Submit your assets and let us help you build a successful partnership.

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