We believe in honesty, pragmatism and respect in everything we do. Our purpose is to make a difference for people in pharmaceutical and life science industries by our collaboration network and commitment to deliver highest quality services to our partners.

 We do utmost on helping our customers reach their goal – whether that’s entering into new market, starting new business, launching new products, solving quality or regulatory issues or finding right partners for their business.

Our service offering address many of frequently occurring needs in pharmaceutical companies but it is specialised to challenge status quo and go over hurdles which are insuperable for others.

100 % satisfaction guarantee

Our pragmatism and brutal honesty does not allow us to promise anything else that results and outcomes we can achieve. Therefore we are confident to say that we always deliver what we have committed to our clients. To bolster that message we provide you with 100% satisfaction quarantine. If you’re not satisfied for our service or outcome of work, we don’t expect you to pay.


Our Solutions

Are you looking for entry to Finnish pharmaceutical market or launching products to Gx or OTC space? We provide a full service concept includin in-depth market analysis, portfolio strategy development and completion of pragmatic go-to-market plan.

We support companies across the Europe in their licensing activities and guide them through the entire licensing process from targeting to post-deal activities. We have proven track record of seeking new business opportunities, negotiating commercial contract and building long-lasting partnerships.

We provide all you need to obtain pharmaceutical wholesale license and maintain high quality standards in your operations. With pragmatic and customer oriented manner we support your business, GDP compliance and day-to-day quality operations.

Our Services

Pharma Market insight and advice

Knowledge is power! We provide insight of health care politics and legislative changes, health care system, structure and regulation of the pharmaceutical market, price and reimbursement policies as well as market trends, clinical practices or competitive landscape.

Market and hospital access

Price setting is a crucial part of the product launch process as well maintaining profitability of the business. We are specialized to advice generic pharmaceutical companies with market access and pricing matters throughout the product lifecycle.

Regulatory Intelligence

Even if regulatory procedures are widely harmonized in Europe, there are certain situations when understanding of local requirement and procedures is essential. We help our customers in special events such as OTC switches and substitution related issues.

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